Our Halal Commitment

Our Halal Commitment

At PoloBuns, we take pride in being a Malaysian company committed to delivering the highest quality halal products. We strictly adhere to the rigorous halal standards set by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM), ensuring our products meet the highest levels of halal certification and integrity.

Our Commitment to Halal

Halal Certification

PoloBuns will ensure that all our premises obtain Halal Certification from JAKIM, reflecting our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of Halal compliance and integrity.

Stringent Quality Control

We implement rigorous protocols in ingredient sourcing, manufacturing processes, and storage facilities to prevent any contamination. We ensure that all the ingredients we use are 100% halal certified, upholding the highest standards of purity and compliance.


We will ensure that a minimum of two Muslim staff members are working at each premises to guarantee the implementation and maintenance of all Halal principles.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to providing ongoing training and education for our staff to enhance their understanding of Halal principles and ensure compliance with the latest standards and regulations set by JAKIM.

Enjoy Our POLOBUNS without Worries

Treat yourself to our delicious range of PoloBuns, made with local flavors that bun lovers can’t get enough of. With this halal certification, you can enjoy every bite of our PoloBuns with total confidence and peace of mind.

Maintaining an Environment of immaculate, tidy, and welcoming

We understand that Halal is more than just food preparation; it encompasses our entire operation, from friendly service to maintaining hygienic premises. We are vigilant in preventing cross-contamination with hazardous contaminants and adhere to Halal industry best practices to uphold the highest standards of quality and hygiene in food preparation. Regular internal audits ensure our facilities are always in optimal condition.

We believe the environment where our PoloBuns are prepared is as crucial as the ingredients themselves. Therefore, we are committed to keeping our premises immaculate, tidy, and welcoming. This dedication to cleanliness extends to every corner of our premises, reflecting our deep respect for our customers and our craft.

Halal Certification Status of Our Premises

Some outlets listed are yet to be Halal-certified, but in the process of certification as halal applications are completed in stages. 

For more info, please visit: http://www.halal.gov.my